Punky, a Levada da Breca

Acordei saudosão hoje! Vai aí, PUNKY, a LEVADA DA BRECA!

Mas com uma novidade, você vai poder cantar a musiqueta embaixo!

Nasceu nos anos 90? SE FODEOOO! Não vai entender nada! Procura no Youtube, Newbie!



I ran to the end of a rainbow's eye
There wasn't any pot of gold.
And there I found a new friend who's two feet tall
One hundred and four years old
Glomer is an orphan
He was left behind
And a lot like Punky
He is one of a kind
Punky Brewster
Come on it's just a fantasy, you know-uh-oh
Punky Brewster
I always want you here with me I know-uh-oh
Punky Brewster 
No one's gonna understand
Punky Brewster
Together we're the best of friends!